Soho London Hair Tips and Tricks for Static Hair

      Static hair can ruin your day as it can make your hair frizzy and difficult to style. This hair-raising experience occurs when your hair constantly rubs against your clothing. As a result, static electricity is produced. This creates an electric charge that builds up on your hair, leaving you with an electrified look. You are likely to have this annoying hair condition during the winter season or when inside heated indoor environments. Fortunately, it’s easy to deal with using the following self-help strategies.

Use Dryer Sheets

     This technique does not only work with your bed sheets but with your hair as well. You can gently run a dryer sheet over your hair or pillow before going to sleep. This neutralizes the electric charge and prevents the development of static hair. You can also run it over your hairbrush before combing to prevent the build-up of electric charge. We recommend keeping dryer sheets handy especially during the winter season.

Choose Alcohol-Free Hairspray

      Alcohol does not only dry your skin but it can also dry your hair. To prevent static hair and tame flyways, simply spray your comb with an alcohol-free hairspray. Next, comb your hair from root to tip. This allows you to evenly distribute the hairspray without making your hair hard. You can also put some hairspray on the part of your clothing that constantly comes into contact with your hair. This ensures that static electricity won’t accumulate in the area.

Brush with a Metal Comb

     Depending on the type of comb you use, static electricity can build up in your hair. For instance, plastic combs are more likely to cause static hair. On the other hand, metal combs can reduce the amount of electric charge in your hair by picking up static and attaching it to themselves. In this way, you can style your hair without worrying about frizzy hair.

Apply Hair Oil

     Applying hair oil is a great way to lock moisture into your hair. If your hair has enough moisture, it creates a barrier that prevents electric charge. This in turn lowers the prevalence of static hair. When choosing hair oil, it is best to use specially formulated hair products. You can also use readily available products such as coconut oil or olive oil. When applying oil to your hair, rub it between your palms first to allow even distribution. Make sure to avoid applying the oil directly to your hair roots to prevent your hair from going greasy.

Refrain From Using Wool Hats

Wearing wool hats in winter can increase your risk of getting static hair. This is because it creates friction when it comes in contact with your hair. As a result, static electricity is produced which can make your hair frizzy. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use cotton headgear. Cotton materials are less likely to generate friction and are more comfortable to wear.

Use Shampoo and Conditioner

These hair products add moisture and reduce the electric charge in your hair. They also strengthen your hair and prevent annoying hair problems like static hair. When using shampoo and conditioner, it is recommended to wash with lukewarm water. Also, shampoo no more than two or three times a week to prevent hair dryness. This also ensures that essential moisture will stay in your hair, rather than being stripped away. There are a lot of specially formulated shampoos and conditioners available that you can choose from to get rid of your static hair.

Switch to Ionic Blow-Dryer

Blow-drying your hair using the traditional heating tools will strip away essential moisture. This will leave your hair dry and frizzy. To prevent this unwanted outcome, it is recommended to use an ionic blow-dryer. This innovative tool works by transferring negative ions to your hair. As a result, the positive ions in the water in your hair get attracted which in turn dries your hair faster. This process seals your hair with moisture, thus, avoiding static hair. Ionic blow-dryer also gives you the advantage of using a lower temperature to dry your hair.

If you can’t afford an ionic blow-dryer, you can also use a regular dryer but make sure to apply heat protector spray on your hair first. This technique helps lock moisture, add shine, and prevent static electricity from building in your hair by stopping it from drying out.

Turn On the Humidifier

Perhaps the best way to prevent static hair is to control your environment. This is especially helpful during the winter season when the air tends to be driest. To prevent static hair, turn on the humidifier to add moisture to the air inside your room. Adequate amounts of moisture in the air ensure that static electricity does not build up. This can be achieved by adjusting the humidity level at 30-40%. Make sure to do this before you sleep so that you won’t wake up with frizzy hair.

Wear the Right Clothes

You are more likely to develop static hair if you regularly wear clothes made from nylon and polyester materials. They tend to carry a static charge that can be transferred to your hair. Static electricity can easily build up especially if you sleep with these types of clothes. Frequent contact between your clothes and hair creates friction and an electric charge that can give you an unwanted hair appearance in the morning. It is recommended that you switch to clothes made from cotton or silk. They don’t contain a static charge and give you added comfort during your sleep.

Know the Right Hairstyle

If you are more prone to static hair, another simple solution is to braid your hair or wear it in a bun. This technique prevents your hair strands from rubbing against your clothing or pillow, reducing the likelihood of static hair. Make sure to dry your hair first before braiding because wet hair is more fragile and can be damaged easily.

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